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Nivita Makelaars regio Den Haag/ Certified Expat Broker The Hague IconNivita Makelaars regio Den Haag/ Certified Expat Broker The Hague

Tauber 52, Den Haag

4.9 79 reviews

  • Avatar Caner Yazar ★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
    This was the second experience with Nivita and her helpful team. And they were supported us at each step.
    We had both buying and selling process together this time. And it was nice to get the targeted selling price with a good marketing strategy for our house.
    Also buying the new one is became very easy by the help of her professional behavior. Thank
    … More you lovely Nivita Makelaar team for all this process.
  • Avatar sirong chen ★★★★★ a month ago
    I had the pleasure of working with Nivita and Laura during my house hunting and purchasing process in The Hague.
    They provided supreme service and were extremely professional and reliable. As an expat buying a home for the first time, I highly recommend their services. Nivita and Laura made the entire experience smooth and stress-free.
    If you're
    … More looking for dedicated and knowledgeable real estate agents, they are the best choice.
  • Avatar Nima Ghasemi ★★★★★ 2 maanden geleden
    Nivita and her team assisted us restlessly through all the steps of our house hunting process and with their professional attitude and experience made the process very easy for us. It was certainly not easy without them especially when you are an expat! Definitely recommend!
  • Avatar Peter Chow ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    Nivita and her team provided valuable advice and support during our home purchase, helping with the negotiation and ensuring we were briefed on the process and advised on the best approach. The result was a great success and we are very happy with our new home.
  • Avatar Divyajyoti Behera ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    I recently had the pleasure of working with Nivita and her colleague Laura for both selling my house and purchasing a new one, and I couldn't be happier with their experience.
    From the initial consultation to the final closing, Nivita showed her professionalism, expertise, and dedication. She listened attentively to my needs and preferences, ensuring
    … More that every step of the process was tailored to meet my expectations.
    Throughout both transactions, Nivita kept us informed of any updates and addressing any concerns promptly.
    I highly recommend Nivita Makelaars to anyone in need of real estate services.
  • Avatar C v B ★★★★★ 3 maanden geleden
    Na lang zoeken naar een huis kregen wij als gezin via via de tip Nivita Makelaars . Wij waren na een goed en warm introductie gesprek een samenwerking aangegaan voor het aankopen van een woning. De eerste woning was gelijk raak in zowel het vinden en het zakelijk benaderen en afhandelen door Nivita Makelaars, iets wat véél moeilijker is als je het zelf … More zou doen als gezin in de moeilijke woningmarkt. Omdat het vrij snel ging zagen wij als gezin kans om dan ook onze eigen huis te verkopen via Nivita Makelaars. In een kleine paar weken tijd hadden wij wederom een snelle afhandeling wbt contact en het verkopen aan een geïnteresseerde partij. Alomvattende gezien is het een positieve ervaring geweest met een aardig en warm team aan mensen die ons doel hebben ondersteund in een korte periode van kopen en verkopen. Wij raden Nivita Makelaars dan ook van harte aan en ze zijn uw beslissing meer dan waard!
  • Avatar Salvo Daze ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    Nivita and her team were very helpful and professional throughout my search for an apartment in a very competitive price range and competitive cities as a single buyer.
    For me, the number #1 criteria was communication and most of the time they delivered on this front. Whenever I had a question, someone from the team was quick to help. Even when we
    … More had a significant issue, Nivita came through and ended up closing the deal in a way that doesn't leave me at a disadvantage.
    In a very difficult market to navigate, especially as an immigrant who doesn't know the structures, neighborhoods, or the laws, I could trust Nivita and her team to help me find my place and we came victorious! 🥰
    They also recommended a mortgage advisor whom I was also very happy with (Rob
    All in all very happy I went with Nivita. Thank you team!
  • Avatar Sebastian Iglesias ★★★★★ 7 maanden geleden
    Nivita helped us getting a rental place in Den Haag. We worked with Laura and she was super helpful. We managed to get a nice place within only one month. Thanks!
  • Avatar Harald Foet ★★★★★ 9 maanden geleden
    Wij hebben onlangs in heel korte tijd een huis aangekocht en ons eigen huis verkocht, beiden via Nivita Makelaars. En daar zijn we zeer tevreden over. Deskundig en heel daadkrachtig in het aan- en verkoopproces. En een fijne en snelle communicatie met het ondersteunende team. Wij zouden Nivita Makelaars aan anderen zeer zeker aanraden!
  • Avatar Soni Agrawal ★★★★★ 10 maanden geleden
    I would highly recommend Nivita Makelaars, they are very professional and always clear in communication. Proactive while sharing information, always there to answer our questions.
    One thing that really impressed us was their knowledge of the housing market, they not only suggested us suitable properties but also advised us which ones to avoid.
    … More initially felt that the fee was a bit high, but now I realized that when everything has been handled so effectively then I won't mind paying bit extra (all's well that ends well)
    Thankyou for your time and effort.
  • Avatar Fevi henok ★★★★★ 10 maanden geleden
    Me and my husband had a fantastic experience working with Nivita Makelaars. They provided exceptional service throughout my home search, making it smooth and stress-free. Their expertise, professionalism, and commitment to our best interests were outstanding. We recommend Nivita Makelaars to fellow expats and anyone in need of top-class real estate … More services.
  • Avatar Amy Emanuel ★★★★★ 11 maanden geleden
    Nivita is the absolute best! We are currently in France and trying to buy a home in one country from another is not an easy task but Nivita made it seem so. She and her team are always there to answer questions and response times are amazingly fast! She also has an uncanny ability to spot potential problems in a home that we never would have noticed … More (and we have purchased quite a few homes around the world). When we did find the property we wanted to buy, she did a very thorough job investigating what the property is worth and helped us come up with an offer that was in line with the value of the home and saved us quite a bit of money off the asking price. Nivita is kind, friendly and a consummate professional. We generally do not like the home buying process but Nivita made it almost effortless for us and we would use her again in a heartbeat if we needed another/different home.
  • Avatar Ashish Kurian ★★★★★ een jaar geleden
    Nivita and her team provided all the information we needed to navigate a new real estate market for us as we're expats. Nivita always gave us insight into every process and ensured that we're protected as buyers. Everything is taken care of and you just need to show up when asked. There was definitely a lot of backend work that took place … More which made the process quite smooth for us. You can definitely put you trust in Nivita and her team. :)
    Thank you for delivering our first home :).
  • Avatar Nordahl Bertrand ★★★★★ een jaar geleden
    I had a very good experience with Nivita while searching for an apartment. The process was incredibly smooth, and the team's responsiveness was excellent. Nivita, in particular, stood out as exceptionally kind and helpful. Despite facing some competition, her expertise allowed me to secure the apartment at the winning price. Highly recommended! … More Thanks ! Nordahl
  • Avatar Khansa Irsalina Dhau ★★★★★ een jaar geleden
    I hired Nivita as my buying agent (aankoop makelaar) in the beginning of 2023 and I do recommend her to be your buying agent.
    Nivita works effectively, she understands the current housing market and has good negotiation skill, which were proven by:
    - The technical inspection & appraisal/valuation process were quickly arranged so we were able to
    … More see the result before signing the purchase agreement.
    - The final appraisal/valuation of the house is very close to her estimation.
    - We managed to buy the house under the asking price (underbid).
    - We succeeded getting the first house that we bid.
    In addition, Nivita’s team managed to get me viewings of properties that were very popular. Side note, all 1st viewings were not accompanied by Nivita’s team, but the 2nd ones are.
  • Avatar S. Jairam ★★★★★ een jaar geleden
    Nivita en Laura hebben mij begeleid gedurende dit process bijgestaan met alle advies benodigd om mijn huis in deze markt in een tamelijk korte periode te verkopen. De service is uitstekend en dmv een whatsapp groep kun je gedurende de dag alle vragen stellen die je maar wilt.
    Kortom een deskundige Makelaarskantoor.
  • Avatar Sjaak Boks ★★★★★ een jaar geleden
    Onze woning is verkocht door Nivita Makelaars. Wij waren over de afhandeling uiterst tevreden. De uitvoering van de verkoop verliep keurig, efficient en de communicatie was correct, bekwaam en vriendelijk.
  • Avatar Carl Holler ★★★★★ een jaar geleden
    Zeer aan te bevelen. We hadden veel en goed contact met de makelaar (Nivita). Hierdoor bleven we goed op de hoogte van het verloop van ons verkoopproces. In overleg en op haar advies kwamen we iedere keer tot de juiste. Uiteindelijk geresulteerd in een zeer goede verkoop van ons appartement. Zeer tevreden over het contact, de deskundigheid en de persoonlijke … More aanpak van Nivita.
  • Avatar Laura Malpica ★★★★★ een jaar geleden
    We arrived at the Hague almost a year ago, after a company relocation. We had great plans to settle down quickly and start a new life in this Country. Finding a good school for our son and a house near the school were our top priorities.
    The ground under our feet started to crumble when we realized that we had to run an obstacles race to legalise our
    … More situation and every nice house that we liked in Funda’s website were disappearing in days.
    We decided to start seriously our hunting six months after our arrival. We heard many times from friends, how important was to find a good agent. Many friends referred us to use their agents, but what may have worked for them, does not necessarily could work for us. So, we decided to do our own search by reading Google reviews of agents operating in the areas we had in mind.
    We were quickly surprised by the immaculate track record of Nivita. Was that true? We contacted her via email and a few days later, we were at her office for a first meeting.
    That first meeting was a revelation. We were talking to a person who was warm and caring. She explained us how the process worked, all the different steps that we will have to go through during our journey. Also -given our condition of expats- she advised us to get in touch early with mortgage specialists to help us navigate the challenging process to obtain a mortgage to finance our home.
    Nivita and her assistant Laura made the search of our house to look like a simple game, supporting us with patience and providing us good advice and opening our eyes to see things that we did not think about. Their insights were extremely valuable.
    Nivita and her assistant Laura helped us in many ways such as:
    • making all the appointments and coming to inspect the houses we shortlisted.
    • Planning the final steps with deadlines that we thought were too optimistic but proven to be more than accurate.
    • Every question, every doubt was answered satisfactorily and even now, that the purchase has already been completed, she keeps in touch with us to give us advice.
    • They truly worked in our interest during the negotiations, closing the sale below the requested price.
    All these services certainly have a cost, but again, depending on what is the personal situation, they are worth every penny and will save you of unpleasant surprises.
    We are really happy with the outcome, and we strongly recommend Nivita Makelaars.
  • Avatar Paolo Monti ★★★★★ een jaar geleden
    Great service. Nivita helped me and guided me thorugh the purchase process of my new apartment in Leiden. Always available, quick responses and good advices. Definetely reccomend!
  • Avatar Michael WALKER ★★★★★ een jaar geleden
    I unequivocally and emphatically recommend Nivita as your realtor having used her services in late 2022. Nivita exceeded all of our expectations as a realtor particularly in terms of price, engagement, flexibility, speed, responsiveness, ability to empower buyers with knowledge and understanding of the market.
    As expatriates with a growing family we
    … More had several demands and constraints which Nivita successfully navigated with and for us. Ultimately from start to finish the process of engaging Nivita, finding a suitable place, negotiating price and closing the deal took approximately a month, much faster than we expected.
    Finally, in terms of understanding the market, Nivita’s assessments of property value were precise and accurate, and any further negotiations were handled well by her. Also, her services have extended after we closed on our property, with Nivita proactively ensuring that we are happy with purchase.
  • Avatar juliette fontein ★★★★★ een jaar geleden
    Nivita heeft mij enorm geholpen met de aankoop van mijn nieuwe huis! Ze denkt met je mee over je wensen. Ze maakt de juiste afspraken. Ze helpt je met al het papierwerk. Kortom heel erg fijn. Daarnaast is ze laagdrempelig bereikbaar voor al je vragen!
  • Avatar Hans Stam ★★★★★ een jaar geleden
    Nivita Makelaars heeft ons huis in Den Haag tijdens het afkoelen van de woningmarkt verkocht (najaar 2022). Voorbereiding en uitvoering van de fotosessie voor Funda verliep soepel en professioneel. De communicatie per groepsapp en mobiel verliep efficiënt. Dit was essentieel omdat de verandering van de markt regelmatig afstemming vereiste. Gezamenlijk … More zijn we op een goede strategie uitgekomen die leidde tot de succesvolle verkoop van het huis. Daarbij hield Nivita voortdurend de vinger aan de pols bij het verkooptraject zodat we snel konden inspelen op veranderende omstandigheden. We hebben grote betrokkenheid ervaren en daarmee het vertrouwen gekregen dat de verkoop in goed handen was.
  • Avatar Marian Klompstra ★★★★★ een jaar geleden
    Het contact en de begeleiding verliep natuurlijk. Nivita is heel sociaal, gepassioneerd en vakkundig. Ze is eerlijk, betrouwbaar en super hartelijk. Totaal ander soort makelaar dan de makelaars die ik tot nu toe heb ontmoet: een makelaar met een sociaal hart, topcommunicatie en super gedrevenheid, zonder luchtkastelen te verkopen.
    Nivita reageert snel
    … More en denkt altijd mee, ook buiten de lijntjes. Heel flexibel.
  • Avatar Sarah Rose Bieszczad ★★★★★ een jaar geleden
    I would highly recommend Nivita. She was very knowledgable, professional, and personable. She worked very hard to help me find the right property and quickly. I could tell how much time and thought she put in to assist me. She was also very reliable and flexible with regard to my own time schedule. I never once doubted that she didn't have my personal … More interest in mind. I felt very well taken care of and help throughout the entire buying process!
  • Avatar Jos Buskermolen ★★★★★ 2 jaar geleden
    Nivita is een makelaar die je echt ontzorgt. Ze is deskundig, betrokken, en communiceert goed. Ze heeft ons op een prettige manier geholpen met het verkopen van onze woning. Dank zij haar deskundigheid werd de woning snel verkocht en voor een prijs waar we blij mee zijn. De volgende keer zullen we Nivita zeker weer vragen om ons te helpen.
  • Avatar Davide Orazio Montersino ★★★★★ 3 jaar geleden
    Our collaboration with Nivita Makelaars was brief: we had been looking independently at a few houses, and once we had seen a house we really liked, we contacted Nivita because of a recommendation by a friend, and in the end, we bought that very first house.
    We were 'on-boarded' rapidly, as the situation required; We where guided well in the
    … More decision process; checks were performed on the house about things we would otherwise have been unaware of.
    The communication was on point and clear; we felt we had someone to rely on when we had questions about the buying process, on several channels: phone, in-person meetings at the house, and a useful whatsapp channel - this enhanced the communication, making it agile, and allowing it to be both professional and personal.
    Also, everything went smoothly in terms of deadlines and appointments.
    After the purchase, we appreciated receiving further help when we had a few things not working in the house, so that we could communicate better with the previous owner and the real estate agent of the seller.
    Nivita has been giving us attention and she definitely cared about our purchase. I would totally recommend Nivita Makelaars to people in my circles, if they would be in a similar position to ours.
  • Avatar Eddy Zitter ★★★★★ 3 jaar geleden
    Ik ben heel blij om met Nivita Makelaars samen te hebben gewerkt. Nivita Makelaars heeft een woningstyliste Laura inhouse die mij erg goed geholpen heeft met de presentatie van mijn huis. Zowel Nivita Makelaars als Laura communiceren zeer prettig!
    Door Laura haar spontane babbel heb je het gevoel alsof je haar al jaren kent! Daardoor kan ze je op een
    … More fijne manier feedback geven op je interieur.
    Ze heeft goed oog voor detail en denkt heel goed met je mee, zij kijkt met kopers ogen naar je huis.
    Mijn huis werd snel voor een prima (hogere) prijs verkocht.”
  • Avatar Aris Routsis ★★★★★ 3 jaar geleden
    We had a great experience with Nivita and her colleagues, it is a difficult period in this competitive market to find a house, and I could not imagine that we would have achieve it without Nivita.
    Nivita has a great knowledge of the market and she is really good on estimating the property prices for the bidding process. She and her team are easily reachable(phone,
    … More whatsapp) and willing to answer every question.
    They were supporting us also during the house viewing (they have a really good eye for details).
    I would easily recommend Nivita if you are searching for a house. :)

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